Tika Sumpter N Baby

Tika Sumpter glows as she fights fibroids and the stigma of being a single mom.

Baby York & Baby Luna

It seemed like only a minute ago Chrissy Tiegen and Tyra Banks were asking the world to stop asking them when they would have kids.

Fibroids & Family

The youngest daughter of 18, yes you read that right 18, Candace Matthews CMO of Amway, found herself at a cross roads.

Fighting Fibroids in Lingerie

When aspiring model Shorntay, found out that she had a growth in her stomach. She did what most of us do… take a picture of it.   She thought perhaps it was ‘lunch belly’, as the Brits call the bloating after eating too much. For me, I remember thinking, ‘my this is weird but maybe this is…

Henrietta Lacks

Mama Oprah is bringing Henrietta Lacks’ story to life 

Scars and all

As a single, 32-year-old woman, I lamented the fact that the next man to see me naked would not be one who’d vowed to love me in sickness and in health, or even a sweet boyfriend who’d read to me in bed while I recovered. I hated the thought of looking like I’d had a…

2 kids and bed ridden.

The excerpt below is from a post Toyin posted on her Instagram and translated (she wrote it in text speak not standard English) by those over on http://www.pulse.ng “I choose to tell you my story today. I keep everything in my life under wraps because of the negativity out there. 90 percent of my life…

Just stop

  @chrissyteigen and @tyrabanks chat briefly about the question they hate the most… “When are you going to have kids?” When I was seeing doctors before my surgery that was the question I hated the most too. It can conjure up feelings of inadequacy and regret about the decisions she’s made for her life. People…


Editor Note: I will be doing an interviews with various fibroid suffers and clinicians that I meet. The first series is women I’ve met on IG who want to share their Advice To The Newly Diagnosed. Advice to someone first diagnosed: 1) Breathe and take a day away from it. Seriously, All you will have the urge…

RIP white jeans

BTB is when you have vaginal bleeding in between periods. Anything between 14-35 days from the start of one period to the next is considered normal. ((This is what I’ve been told)) and any bleeding inside of 14 days since the start of your last period is considered breakthrough and abnormal. I thought all us fibroid girls had #btb or knew about…