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When I found out that I had fibroids in 2007 I had no idea what they were or what to expect. The nurse said it to me like it was common knowledge that I had tumors taking over my uterus. No ma’am I didn’t know.

I would love to say that I set out to learn as much as I could about fibroids from that day forward, but that wasn’t true. I spent several years in denial and just thought they’d go away on their own.

Well I was wrong. A new boyfriend and the prospect of actually having kids prompted my 2012 myomectamy. The day I got home from the hospital I started my real search for information about fibroids.

Every doctor I saw said they’d never seen fibroids my size – in someone my size, and because they have the tendency to come back, I made sure I became knowledgeable about fibroids and fast.

Alas there were only a few blogs dealing with fibroids naturally and/or weren’t too too out there. (read: crunchy) But there were a few that were a God send. (www.garlicandlemonsllc.com) & Endometriosis focused –> (www.hoghugs.com)

Since then I’ve felt passionate about sharing the info that I’ve found and my story. I never thought a blog would be my thing – you’ll find me any day of the week on IG – but I’d like to take what I’ve learned to more people.

I love your feedback and love to hear your stories and experiences. It only helps to give true color to the issue of fibroids.

Join me!


Feel free to email me at anytime: fibroidnutrition [at] gmail.com

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  1. Hi, we’re a group of interventional radiologists in the Chicagoland area. As you know there is a large informational gap about fibroids, its symptoms and treatment options. We offer UFE, but our goal is to impart education to women about fibroids so they can make an informed decision. Please help us spread the word as we’ve recently launched our informational website about fibroids- http://www.chicagofibroidclinic.com. We’ll be sharing your profile and posts on our social media channels. Good luck and keep up the good work!




    1. Kudaily.com says:

      I’d love to help. UFE isn’t for everyone but is a viable option. Thanks for letting people know about whats going on here at fibroidfree.co


      1. Navjot Singh Jauhar says:

        You’re right, UFE isn’t for everyone but educating women about fibroids is more important. We list out all the treatment options available (http://chicagofibroidclinic.com/what-are-fibroids/treatment-options-7) and work closely with the OBGYNs in our community. Sadly there aren’t enough OB’s who give women a choice, which leads to many sitting on the sidelines and “suffering in silence”. All of us together can make a difference, which is why we’ve dedicated a website and our community outreach efforts in the Chicagoland area.

        Thank you!


        From: “FibroidFree.co” <comment-reply@wordpress.com> Reply-To: “FibroidFree.co” <comment+lp68g2s3y58jxn3bjzb9yy39-voow94vbvs0n@comment.wordpress.com> Date: Wednesday, August 5, 2015 at 11:26 PM To: Navjot Singh Jauhar <navjot@jauhar.com> Subject: [New comment] About Me

        Kudaily.com commented: “I’d love to help. UFE isn’t for everyone but is a viable option. Thanks for letting people know about whats going on here at fibroidfree.co”


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