Fibroid Free Features: Oluwakemi

Editor Note: I will be doing an interviews with various fibroid suffers and clinicians that I meet. The second series is women I’ve met on IG who want to share their story. Read Oluwakemi’s moms journey below:


When my mom was first diagnosed with fibroids, she did not feel the impact much. It was just there; it did not have any visible impact, reproductively or otherwise, as she was done having babies any ways.

However, as the years went by, it got worse. It affected her period. Her menstruation that used to last three days and was quite light, now turned into 5 days of heavy flow, that she used more sanitary pads than my sisters and I used combined, for just one cycle.

She started to get lean and pale, no matter the amount of blood boosting medication she took. It was definitely affecting the quality of her life.  At first, we went the natural therapy path. She got gallons of concoctions, some made with water and some with the local gin, something my mom had never tasted up until that time. Seeking solutions, she took them all. There were some herbs that she had to chew also during her period.

All I can say concerning these medications was she got relief for some time, but it never lasted and I’m not sure if it shrank the fibroids, because you need to see the huge tumour that was removed from my mom’s uterus to understand that it did not look like it had been affected in any way.

For a very long time, my mom did not want to hear about surgery. Until she finally had enough of the pain, earlier this year. She called me and said she couldn’t bear it anymore, and that she had actually gone to the clinic, asked the doctor how much the surgery would cost. Hmm! I knew she was really serious.

You need to see my mom now! She is blossoming, gaining weight by the day and when she was told at her post-surgery appointment that the witch was now not something she should worry about, she literally danced!

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