Fibroids & Family

The youngest daughter of 18, yes you read that right 18, Candace Matthews CMO of Amway, found herself at a cross roads.  In a great interview with, Mrs. Matthews explained that by 1999  she was 40, single and childless.

“I had resolved myself to the single life. But apparently God had other plans,” Matthews says. “A week after my 40th birthday, honestly when I absolutely least expected it, I met the man who would become my husband—Bruce Matthews. We were married four months later. ”

I don’t think I consciously chose to get married when I was 40. If you had told me when I was in business school I was going to be 40 when I got married, I would never have believed that. When I turned 40, I threw myself a big birthday party, because I honestly thought I was never going to get married.

In retrospect, I would say, just like you put effort into your career, you have to put effort into a relationship. I believed “Oh, it will just happen,” or “You’ll just meet someone.” I didn’t really think about the effort that you have to put into it, just as much as anything else. I moved several times to several different cities and ended up in Atlanta, which I don’t believe is the easiest place to find a husband. (Laughs) Not at all! Thank the Lord that He put someone in my life there.

Isn’t that just like God to move just on the other side of you feeling like it was time to give up? Due to her age, the newlyweds tried immediately to conceive a child. Those hope were quickly dashed as she learned that her fibroids were situated in such a way that she was unable to conceive.

“It was devastating because that’s the last thing that I would have ever thought,” Matthews says. “Not only was my mother prolific but my siblings are quite… Put it this way, no one ever had issues conceiving, except me. At the moment, it felt unfair.”

But they did try via  intrauterine insemination. After 3 failed attempts they decided on adoption.

“At the end of the second [adoption] class, they told us that a set of twins had come up and our adoption agency wanted to submit our application as possible parents. A total of 23 families applied, and we were selected. We were ecstatic.”


Several years later they adopted a son and made a family from the ‘broken’ pieces they were given. A far cry from 18 kids but life takes you on journeys that are often unexpected but exactly where God wants you to be.

Read more and a great Q & A at

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