Fighting Fibroids in Lingerie

When aspiring model Shorntay, found out that she had a growth in her stomach. She did what most of us do… take a picture of it.


Shorntay pre-surgery

She thought perhaps it was ‘lunch belly’, as the Brits call the bloating after eating too much. For me, I remember thinking, ‘my this is weird but maybe this is constipation.’ Why I thought I would be constipated for years doesn’t make sense to me now, but I think like many, in your heart you know something is not right but the fear just makes you not want to find out. She stated in her article:

“When I was told of the tumour I literally just said ‘okay’, I didn’t show how I really felt to anyone. When I was on my own I was really upset but I didn’t want to worry my family.”

“I was generally fit and healthy and I had never had any kind of surgery before, I wasn’t sure what was ahead and it made me very anxious.”

But fibroids often make themselves obvious whether one way or another. It could be outwardly making you look months pregnant, or forcing behavioral changes like 10 day detox author, Halona Black. Before having fibroid removal surgery, she had menstrual cycles where she would rush to get home by 6pm to avoid bleeding through her clothes.

Whether it is vanity or you are almost bleeding out, I’m of the philosophy, it is better to know than to not know. Get some answers.

Thankfully for Shorntay her fibroids were removed via open myomectomy and she was able to recover and fulfill a dream and enter the Curvy Kate Lingerie competition. She didn’t win but she did a great showing in the top 10. Check her out below:

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