The flipside

Dr. Amy Reed & Dr. Hooman Noorchashm
Dr. Amy Reed & Dr. Hooman Noorchashm

Dr.’s Reed and Noorchashm have been on a mission to ban power morcellation when treating women with fibroids. Reminder here.

But apparently there is a flipside to the power morcellation ban. A Dr. Lisa Rosenbohm wrote a piece in the New England Journal of Medicine where she argued the benefits of PM (power morcellation) and the laparoscopic treatment of fibroids,  for those who are at high risk for surgical complications. High risk factors include being overweight and/or having diabetes.

Coupled with those risk factors, the economic factors weigh heavily on women who have to go the surgical route. Some insurance still doesn’t cover the 6 to 8 weeks that you would be out for a myomectomy/ hysterectomy and laparoscopic morcellation cuts that recovery time down. Therefore some people WANT the ability to waive the risk of unforeseen cancer for financial reasons as well as recovery reasons.

Things are not as clear-cut as they seem.

Heartbreaking individual stories like Reed’s are easy for people to imagine. And stories about bad medical outcomes often take on moral overtones, Rosenbaum writes. Noorchasm “argues that morcellation is a crime against women, reflecting medicine’s corruption by industry greed. ”

“Meanwhile,” Rosenbaum says, “the benefits of morcellation are largely invisible…Who sees the women who undergo a minimally invasive produce, recover quickly, and avoid losing income.”



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