Resistance is Futile

Have you ever noticed that Bad Food + No Exercise = Longer Periods and MORE Pain? Not to mention more bloating and more cramps.

When I say bad food, I mean eating foods that we as fibroid sufferers know we should stay away from, caffeine, dairy – especially if it not organic, and fatty foods. These foods are more prone to put on the pounds and their by product, estrogen. And as we well know fibroids feed on estrogen and grow til something impedes their grown. Surgical or otherwise.

No exercise doesn’t help anything, as it doesn’t stymie the excess estrogen by bringing testosterone into the equation thus allowing estrogen to run amuck in your system.

Hormonal balance takes vigilance and resistance if futile. You have to do the work.

Because I have the information, you would think that these things don’t apply to me but to be transparent sometimes you just can’t see how all that diligence is making any difference? How being so strict and being a pain in the ass to your friends and family about your diet and your workouts – is it really and truly worth it?

Well friends I have seen that for me from this over a week long menace, that eating bullshit (cake after every meal. Not screening the dairy in my side dishes at restaurants) is NOT WORTH IT.

There are girls out here with one day periods and shit. A girl can dream can’t she? đź’‹ But to say the least – I know it doesn’t have to be this miserable and I’ve been there before. And I shall be there again. Join me!


*excuse my cursing, I’m just tired of my own BS.

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