Toronto’s Calling

Researchers at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre are testing an experimental treatment called MRI-guided focused ultrasound therapy. They say the treatment can eliminate certain kinds of fibroids in less than two hours, with no surgery at all.

It has been noted that, during the focused ultrasound therapy, the patient lies on a table and is guided into an MRI unit. The MRI locates the fibroids and then ultrasound waves are directed at them to heat them up over 60 degrees Celsius, painlessly burning away the fibroid’s blood vessels.

The procedure doesn’t eliminate the fibroids but most do shrink by 20 to 50 per cent. Even in fibroids that don’t shrink much, many women report less monthly bleeding, with up to 90 per cent of women reporting they are symptom-free soon after. – CTV News


There are those that have issue with this sort of experimentation. Not that they don’t want an easier route than what is currently available but trust in the Black community is thin with governmental agencies experimenting with  our health. Think Henrietta Lacks, a woman who was diagnosed with cervical cancer and her cells were used for years later without the consent of her family, or the Tuskegee experiments where in 1932 they withheld treatment of syphilis in black men so they could see what happened.

With that said, my intention is just to let you know what the options are out there. If you live in or around Toronto, this is an option for you to look into. And if it works, it may make its way to the states and we all might be going the MRI route instead of getting a hysterectomy or pressured into embolization.

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