2, 3, 4, 5

By Du Qiongfang
Source: Global Times

“You’ll have to wait two years before you can get pregnant.” As a recently married 32-year-old who was looking forward to having a baby in time for the auspicious Year of the Monkey, these words from my physician hit me like a kick to my tummy.

As a woman, I was crushed by the news. But as a journalist I was skeptical about this prognosis. Chinese physicians tend to have varying diagnostic procedures and treatments, a result of China’s uneven medical education and a lack of standardization. Unfortunately, I would experience this disparity firsthand – five times!

As the article goes on the woman  seeks the advice from 5 doctors. 4 telling her she had to have laparoscopic surgery or worse. One even gave her a precancer diagnosis. Ultimately she found a doc who was from a Mass General Hospital and out in her neck of China, and he recommended ultrasound ablation operation, which is minimally invasive.

You want to be able to see your doctor and think they know what they are talking about and want whats best for you. But in the case of China:

Shanghai is known for having the most cutting-edge healthcare facilities in China, but from my experience I fear greed has gotten the best of my home city. Sadly, the pursuit of financial profits at many Chinese hospitals, compounded by a gross discrepancy in medical knowledge, has severely eroded patient-physician trust.

And here in the States, ALWAYS GET A SECOND OPINION. EVEN A THIRD. This is your body we are talking about. You only have one.

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