Is it worth it?


In the US the doctors at the Cleveland Clinic said this week they will attempt to give 10 women the chance to be pregnant by providing them with a #uterinetransplant.

The study announced this week will attempt to help women unable to carry a pregnancy to term because of uterine factor infertility, according to a statement from Cleveland Clinic. The abnormalities include uterine fibroids, scarring of the uterus or being born without a uterus.

Uterine transplants have already occurred in other countries including Sweden and Turkey.

To undergo the process, a woman will have her eggs retrieved via in vitro fertilization and frozen.

After undergoing an operation, the woman has to remain on immune system-suppressing drugs so that her body does not reject the organ. She’ll also have to under monthly biopsies.

Any infant conceived will have to be delivered by Caesarian section and after, at most, two children, the uterus will be removed so the woman does not have to face a life time of medication.

The advent of this new technology has to be a God send to those who are trying to conceive ‘naturally.’ One could argue that this is ‘doing the most’ considering there are lots of children available to adoption. However, for a woman who has no choice – adoption isn’t an option for people with serious health conditions  – and who ultimately wants to have the option to have the pleasure of a child growing inside of them, this procedure couldn’t come soon enough.

Wherever you stand on the issue, have sympathy for those on the other side. There is no right or wrong in a matter like this.

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