Kupala Injili

So the other day I read about kupala injili – a practice that is supposed to help women who are having infertility problems. In this particular BaTonga village in Zimbabwe, a woman recently died and the cause was a mystery to the woman who preformed the surgery.

The Kuala Injilis surgery is left to elderly women of the village (read 86years+) where the removal of fibroids is done by using only a razor blade. After removal the women are required to have sex with their husbands to ‘heal’. I don’t want to pass judgement about how someone from another part of the world takes care of their fertility. I’m sure there is something to learn from this practice. God knows that there have been thousands of women who have died on the surgery table in the west. So no judgement here. But the article just didn’t have enough.

My questions were:

  1. Why only the elderly women in the village?
  2. Why not use steadier hands but instructed by the older ladies?
  3. Are they cutting all the way down through the abdomen to the uterus or are they just taking out the (pedunculated) ones that are hanging on the outside of the uterus ?
  4. Why do the women have to have the procedure twice before the man is accessed?
  5. Why have sex immediately? Why can’t they wait a few days? Wouldn’t that be BEYOND painful?
  6. What is the success rate?

I have so many more questions. smh. I have to admit that I couldn’t fully grasp the concept – not enough info in the article. So I ask you guys if anyone could shed some light on this I would be grateful. Clue me in.

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