There is a rather new-ish fibroid treatment in the market and I’d be reminded if I didn’t let you know about it.

The Acessa system, requires only one small abdominal incision. It uses two ultrasound wands to produce a clear view of the fibroid. Through the single cut, the surgeon inserts the device directly into the fibroid. “It disperses six (electrode) arrays and gives off a radio-frequency signal that destroys the fibroid,” Falzone said. “The heat generated by the radio frequency kills the fibroid without killing surrounding tissue.”

The procedure is done on an outpatient basis and patients typically experience two to three days of cramping and two weeks of soreness, Falzone said. Women undergoing abdominal myomectomy — fibroid removal that, like Acessa, also preserves the uterus — require four to six weeks to heal and experience cramping during that time, Falzone said.

The OB-GYN specialist said it is not clear whether the procedure is safe for women who want to become pregnant but said he expects studies coming out in a year will clarify the issue. As with other uterus-sparing procedures, Acessa is not recommended for use on women with uterine cancer or women with severe endometriosis, he said.

Falzone recommends that women speak with their gynecologist when deciding how to treat fibroids.

“There’s no one procedure that fits everybody,” Falzone said.

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