Slay Sarcoma 5K

Just found out about the Slaysarcoma5k

Remember that husband and wife, both doctors, who took up the mantle of uterinefibroids because when the wife Dr. AmyReed went in for a hystorectomy after their 6th and last child the morcellator used to shred up the fibroid tumor turned out to shred up and spread her unknown/undiagnosed cancer? Well they have a runwalk in Yardley, PA.

From the site: They recognize that this fight will be fought on two fronts: in the government by refocusing the device industry on patient safety, and in the lab by finding a cure for sarcoma. The Slay Sarcoma 5K Walk/Run is our annual fundraiser for our Slay Sarcoma research fund So, please, join us if you can on October 17th and support us in our efforts to Slay Sarcoma by registering or consider donating to the Slay Sarcoma Research Fund at the University of Pennsylvania Abramson Cancer Center.

You can run virtually as well or just donate.


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