Pray for your woman

Love dialogues about how #fibroids are affecting men.

Today’s chat was with @johnathan__graham about his advice to men who love women with #fibroids

Fibroids change the relationship a lot, but knowing that my wife is the love of my life, it was easy for me to take care of her. The road will be bumpy, but you have to encourage her along the way. Let her know that she is not fighting this alone. Fibroids can have her feeling as if she is trapped inside of her body, but I was there to lift her up in those rough situations along with faith and prayer along the way.

This really shows that empathy is needed when dealing with/loving a woman through fibroids. It is inspiring to see Johnathan’s love for his wife standing strong in the midst of her struggle. He and I have spoken and she has recently gone through surgery and now in the midst of the recovery process. And like he stated, even when not bleeding profusely, prayer and faith are still needed.

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