Fibroid News 9/15

Five people (widowers and women) are suing hospitals and doctors over the use of the morcellation method in their laparoscopic hystorectomies due to #fibroids. One case has been settled out of court for an undisclosed amount.

#Laparoscopy is the most non invasive choice. Recovery time is dramatically shorter than open #myomectomy. There are several types and all do not include morcellation.

My intention in alerting you to #uterinefibroids news is to ensure that you walk into the doctors office INFORMED. ASK QUESTIONS!

The US government is rarely quick to enact anything without a heavy toll paid by human lives. And the government currently has it under investigation. Yale and Harvard hospitals have banned its use. Johnson and Johnson have recalled their morcellators.

Why? Because 1 in 350/500 women have undiagnosed sarcoma in their uterus and morcellation shreds and spreads it. An unintended result but preventable.

No doctor in their right mind would never be this cavalier about a tumor inside the breast. Even if they thought it was benign. #somethingtothinkabout

Fibroids like breast cancer has a build up of estrogen that causes tumor growth. Thankfully most times for fibroids the tumors are benign but in the RARE occasion that it isn’t. You want it removed whole. #uterinefibroids #fibroidfree #fibromas #hystorectomy #hystosisters #estrogendominance #estrogen

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