Fibroid advice to men

Fibroids don’t just affect the women who deal with them. These women need the support of the men in their lives. From their spouses to their brothers and fathers, men need to be there.

how men can Help
learning together. know what they are.
try to understand where they come from. diet? hereditary? worse with stress? know the side effects if they have any
if your woman has a bulge bc of them, don’t crack jokes – be sensitive. be an advocate for her change if she wants to change
if you know she is eating tofu, but whats to get to get rid of estrogen. help her change the habit. check in weekly how she is feeling. how her spirits
and if you can
if there is a decline in sex due to the fibroids. don’t put pressure on her to have sex.(took him a long time to learn that) (all the cramping)
got better for him, and his frustration level got better.when he thought of the big picture.

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