Acts of Faith

So yesterday I made a post about dating and while doing a little cleaning i found my copy of acts of faith by Iyanla Vanzant. and it bowled me over how on congruent they were.

Here’s Yesterday’s acts of faith:

acts_of_faith_sept 8

She talks about tricks and games we play to ‘help’ the object of our affection love us more. We rob ourselves of the love that we desire. We don’t trust the other person enough to be able to handle the true us.

The same applies when dating with endo or pcos or fibroids. If a man knew that we might have infertility problems one day would he really love us? If he knew that there were surgery and possibly blood transfusions and days of extreme pain and not wanting to be touched, would he still stick around? We ask ourselves all these questions.

Some try to hedge our bets and not speak on it until we are further down the line. But doing so robs you of seeing someone true colors. Seeing their true mettle.

But I genuinely believe that the right one will see the beauty beyond the pain. Through the surgeries. Etc.

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