When fibroids ‘happen’ to you – read you are first diagnosed- for the woman it happens slowly. You’ve been inside your body. You’ve noticed things growing. You’ve been dealing with the change gradually but for the prospective guy you want to date – more often than not this is new territory for him. It may feel like a punch to the gut. With this new woman comes the OH-SO-REAL conversations about plans for the future. All on a timeline that he may not have been ready for and outside of his control.

You may find yourself lucky and it not seem like a scary proposition to this guy because his personal timeline lines up. But as easily as it could, it could not. And can anyone blame the guy for wanting to do what’s right for him?

He has walked into a ticking time clock.

  • perhaps you want to have a baby before 35. Pregnancies after the age of 35 is considered high risk.
  • when a woman schedules surgery she has 6months that the recommend her not getting pregnant. But after that it’s all systems go. And from that point she has 3-5 years max of a Fibroidfree uterus.

So if his timeline didn’t include kids at all or in the near future, as a woman you have to do some real evaluation of this guy and ask yourself if this is something you really want.

You are going to have to put your big girl drawers on and have the conversation about expectations and requirements because you will find yourself with a good man but just not on the same page.

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