Editor Note: I will be doing an interviews with various fibroid suffers and clinicians that I meet. The first series is women I’ve met on IG who want to share their Advice To The Newly Diagnosed.💋
Advice to someone first diagnosed:

1) Breathe and take a day away from it. Seriously, All you will have the urge to do is Google it, obsess over it and be in shock or cry. it is extremely important to remember that fibroids are a diagnosis and health condition. it is not the essence of who you are.

2) After that break- get into high gear find second and third opinions. Find community, seek support.

3) Know that not all doctors are the complete answers. some are pro surgery. Some pro-hysterectomy. Some pro-pharmaceutical. Some [ARE] advocates of western medicine with homeopathic options.

Be open minded but also follow your gut. Advocate for yourself.

What made you seek out ppl on IG?
My tipping point was Fall 2014 semester. I was enrolled in a graduate program in a different state than my own and was very isolated from my support and community. I was experience intense flareups and debilitating bleeding. I take myself serious as a student and my academic began to suffer as I was unable to attend class. It was a struggle to stay in class and even be comfortable in a seat. My fibroid happens to be a really large one and it was painful moving or walking. I decided to take a medical leave from my program and come back home. That was devastating for me. I decided to find and build online community in the time off that I had. I started blogging and microblogging on IG. I really enjoy the community there. I learned a lot.

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