Thankful for fibroids?

Editor Note: I will be doing an interviews with various fibroid suffers and clinicians that I meet. The first series is women I’ve met on IG who want to share their Advice To The Newly Diagnosed.
1. Research your options and get a second opinion. Fibroids are not the same for every woman and what works for one may not work for the other.

2. I wish I had known about the environmental and food causes of tumor growth. Specifically the effects of plastic, product chemicals and pesticides on the growth of tumors and our health in general.

I’m thankful for the fibroid because going the natural route has forced me to become healthier in every aspect of my life. All while shrinking this tumor.

What made you seek the IG community?
When my gyno suggested a hysterectomy for a tumor that wasn’t causing any side effects. It made me not trust him. I trust women living with evidence based advice and a holistic approach much more than someone who is ready to put me through major surgery and take away my ability to reproduce.

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