Soy and Fibroids


Somebody on Instagram asked me what my thoughts on soy were.

I emphatically feel like soy is one of the enemies of a fibroid free uterus.

And crap if it isn’t in everything!

The national Institute of Health did a study about soy and breast cancer (see link) and found that in mice it stimulated the growth of the breast cancer. Their conclusion is below:

Genistein and daidzein may stimulate existing breast tumor growth and antagonize the effects of tamoxifen. Women with current or past breast cancer should be aware of the risks of potential tumor growth when taking soy products. –

While breast cancer and fibroids are not the same thing, they do share a sensitivity to estrogen. So it is something that we must be diligent in watching out for.

Yes that means no soy sauce – use coconut amino instead (they have a faint coconut flavor but still an option) Yes that means no edamame. Or any of that fake meat. Look the food at Veggie Grill¬†tastes great, but it’s not worth your uterus and ultimately that is what is at stake.

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