Y can’t it just be real

Have you ever gotten excited about something that you THOUGHT was healthy only to find out that it is not quite as it seems? With the rise of ‘healthy’ alternatives to our favorite foods, people are flocking to them without doing the research. An example of this is  LA quick food staple VeggieGrill. Check out a pdf of their nutrition facts.

In no way, is it my intention to bash VG. I have had a Santa Fe’ Chicken Sammy or 2 or 7, before I bothered to see that their ‘meat’ is made of soy, wheat and peas. It may not sound appetizing but let me tell you it tasted great. The problem here is not VG making their food of soy, but it is with the NON research was being done before sitting down to load up on excess estrogen causing soy.

It would be better for you to eat an lb of organic chicken than some highly PROCESSED patty. So if your craving a fried chicken sandwich. Go get one. It will probably have less ingredients than whatever you find at the local vegan joint.

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