The Tasty Truth

I know that you all probably think I’m sacrilegious for saying this but I do not believe that diet alone without the aid of herbs, enzymes, colonic’s and other measures cure fibroids.

Stay with me…

I think that our bodies needs help. — However the reason why we who fight fibroids stress the importance of cleaning up your diet is because your diet directly effects what is inside of your body/ what goes on inside our bodies etc for the most part.

Yes the body goes rogue. Think cancer or some 1 in a million reaction someone has when they encounter a regular pathogen. But outside of those occurrences, what happens inside our bodies are within our control.

If we know that fibroids feed on estrogen and you eat a bunch of meat that has been pumped with hormones (bc that’s what they do to NON ORGANIC meats) what do you expect your body to do? If you drink milk from cows that have been given estrogen so that they constantly lactate to produce milk what do you expect your body to do with that extra estrogen?

Hence why redmeat and soy is on the list of things to avoid.

Live Strong Advises to avoid:

1. High fat dairy – Personally I am of the belief that it’s all to be avoided bc of how they get the milk. But tis your choice.

2. Caffeine

3. High Salt Foods – Because they are really hard on the liver. *Reminder* The liver is the organ that processes the hormones of the body

4. White Foods  – Meaning pasta’s, white rice etc.

Some of these things are harder than others to cease. No two people are the same. But your commitment is up to you

So I say it all to say that we, the #fibroidfree or those who hope to be, have to clean up our diets – at the very minimum- by not adding extra estrogen into it.

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  1. Provia -Ug. says:

    Yes that is true but we should also keep it in mind that we have to eat a lot of vegetables so as to aid digestion. Whole grain and vegetables rich in fiber, anti oxidants would be very helpful.


    1. says:

      1000% accurate.


  2. Carolyne says:

    Hi. Do you also suggest that people having fibroids should avoid red meats? Thank you


    1. says:

      not everyone needs to eliminate red meat. it is a good source of iron. I personally don’t subscribe to eating it, but what I will say is, make sure it is ORGANIC GRASS FED. You don’t want any extra hormones.


  3. Sandra says:

    I need cure for fibroid.


    1. says:

      cure is a word that has many definitions. western doctors would say there is no cure but a hysterectomy. others would say, work on eliminating what is there. I think thats the best approach. What are you doing to eliminate the environmental and dietary influences that bombard your body daily?


  4. Mamechie Armah says:

    Thanks much for help


  5. Mamechie Armah says:

    I ve it for four years now is there any cure


    1. says:

      there is treatment


  6. Mpho says:

    M scared to be operated coz m having fibroids .m a gal wth 26 yrs old .what if something happen during operation. M scared 😌


    1. says:

      You don’t have to be scared. But i understand why you would be. make sure you ask questions. all the questions you have so you feel better about the surgery. Ask who is performing it, what they will do if things were to go awry. Ask everything


  7. surp says:

    now I feel better because I find many ways to treat fibroid


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