Uhh we need to talk…

What the body can use, it does. What it can’t it eliminates. Under optimal circumstances…but many on the SAD (STANDARD AMERICAN DIET) diet and even those of us on vegetarian leaning diets don’t eliminate (poop) daily or after every meal.

So where does the stuff that the body doesn’t have use for or want go? It sits in our intestines and constipates us and anything that can be absorbed gets reabsorbed into our body.

The body DOES eliminate estrogen naturally without the help of the herbs/teas/ enzymes but if the eliminated estrogen goes into the poop and the poop doesn’t leave the body then the body reabsorbs it. Why wouldn’t the body? The body can and will find use for it. How about feed a fibroid that needs estrogen to grow? 💩💩💩

Natural ways to increase elimination are:

  1. Water!!
  2. Water!
  3. Water! – Seriously Poop is 75% water. Without it, nothings coming out.
  4. Exercise – Helps things from being sedentary and move along the line.
  5. Fiber – Fruits & Veggies
  6. Foot Stool
  7. Colonics – Get whatever is blocking out of the way, and reset yourself for success.  **PLEASE NOTE this is not a solution that can be done everyday or even weekly as it takes ALL the crap but the GOOD stuff too (enzymes and various  flora)

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Chidinma Iheanacho says:

    hello good day. pls we need to talk about fibroid cure


    1. Chidinma Iheanacho says:

      please am waiting for your reply


      1. Kudaily.com says:

        I am not a doctor. I can only recommend that you make sure you clean up your diet. eliminate soy/dairy/sugar. maybe a liver flush and/or take supplements serrapeptase and nattokinase.


    2. Kudaily.com says:

      Hey there. We can talk anytime. As far as I know there is no ONE thing that works for EVERY SINGLE person outside of hysterectomy. But there are several women who have gone on detoxes and the like and have had success in shrinking their fibroids to levels where they no longer feel the symptoms. Let me know if you want to chat about those.


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