Say What?!


I knew going into surgery that according to my doctor I had 5 years of being #fibroidfree. So when I decided to have the procedure, I didn’t have a boyfriend, prospect or anything. Matter of fact I was celibate, but I knew that I wanted to have kids in the next 5 years. Didn’t know how God was going to do it, but that was my plan and God had to figure out the rest.

Turns out I had a great doctor who actually informed me that fibroids will indeed come back and regrow in the uterus post surgery. There have been several people who have reached out to me on IG who were surprised that their fibroids came back. They thought it was a one shot and done. If there is still a uterus – there is still a good chance that a fibroid could grow somewhere off/inside that bad boy. Read about the conclusions raised in this Ncbi.nlm.nih  Nigerian Study here.

That’s why it’s really important to make life and dietary changes.

1. Reduce Stress = easier said than done, but maybe find 15min a day for you and God, and make sure you get your angels working on you behalf.

2. Eliminate Dairy / SOY  / Red Meat – Read more from one of my fab blogs Garlic & Lemons

3. Lose a little of that body fat. Yes even skinny girls. If you aren’t fit but just skinny, your insides can’t tell and need a little relief.

So luckily for me God placed the love of my life into my life – but from day 1 I told him, ‘Hey I’m trying to have kids in the next 3-5 years. Either you are with it or you’re not. And if you aint with it, we can’t do this. Yes, I really said that. Look, I don’t have time to waste.The hell I’m going to have a c-section type surgery AGAIN with no baby.

That’s my story, but if you too have a goal is to do and learn as much as you can about where fibroids come from/ how to prevent them – so those suckers don’t come back.

And you and God need more time than the doctor has given you to work with, then I suggest  need you do your part.

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  1. I live with problem of fibroids I don’t know what must I do as doctor said I must take final decision of removing womb. I’m very scared to do so.


    1. says:

      Yes hysterectomy is the last option. It’s final. Will send you an email.


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