BPA & BPA Free

What can be said other than BPA ain’t it. And BPA FREE is no better.


Bisphenol A (BPA) is a plastic additive that companies use to make plastic more sturdy, for long periods of time.

The two primary uses for BPA, accounting for about 95% of all BPA produced, are to make polycarbonate plastic and epoxy resins. Both are high-performing materials that have been increasingly used for about five decades in a wide range of consumer and industrial applications. – FACTSABOUTBPA.ORG

Over the last few years it has been suggested that leaving your water bottle in the car was a no no. What wasn’t as widely publicize was that along with limiting  exposure to UV, it is also suggested that you do not to use in a dishwasher or the microwave on plastic. The heat used, would affect the integrity of the plastic.

Really? Is that on the bottles/ jugs and faberware somewhere that I’ve missed it?

So when doing research on BPA and all it’s effects I came across a study that  George Bittner, a professor of neurobiology at the University of Texas-Austin, had recently coauthored a paper in the NIH journal Environmental Health Perspectives that said BPA free plastics leak estrogen into whatever they contain JUST LIKE their BPA filled brothers and sisters.

Read more at Mother Jones

Several naturopaths suggest that when trying to heal oneself from surgery or remove fibroids naturally one must get rid of all plastics. Again excess estrogen being the enemy. Glass and metal are the way to go.

So that plastic tupperware that you are bringing your lunch in – because you don’t want to be eating the foolishnes that they have around work – yeah that ish could be feeding your fibroids. #really?!

So personally I’ve invested in a few alternatives

1. Ello water bottles from target.

There are a lot of glass options, and I chose this one because 1) it’s at Target one of my favorite stores and 2) it was pretty 3) it doesn’t leak 4) the mouth is large enough to clean easily.

2.metal straws from Epica Stainless Steel on amazon

I make smoothies in the plastic Nutribullet and then transfer them to mason jars, so I need a straw. I chose these straws because 1) they come with a cleaner 2) They would be easier to clean that then bent version

3. metal lunch boxes from Lunchbots on amazon.

Yes they are expensive (18.99) but they are kinda great too. They don’t leak. 🙂

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