Just Say No.

UPDATE: I posted about this on IG (click the pic) and there was a girl who was from another country who commented that she lived in a country that didn’t have safe tap water, and asked what she should do? And it really put things in perspective. #firstworldproblems What I did suggest to her however was that she has to weigh the options. Drink parasite water or drink cancer/estrogen water? Personally I’d risk the cancer water and work on my liver before I risk the parasite.

No PlasticThere is a lot of information about the dangers of plastic, you don’t need me to rehash that. What prompted this post was reading an article from the Huffington Post about reusing plastic water bottles and essentially, the chemicals that it took to make the water bottle (BPA or otherwise) are being leaked into the water that you drink.

Those chemicals are terrible on their own, often being linked to cancer. Moreover, they also known to mimic estrogen in the body – which those who are estrogen dominant  (endo/fibroids/pcos sufferers) – can’t afford any more of in their systems.

Glass and steel are the way to go. There’s nothing in glass/steel that mimics estrogen or anything like that. Aluminum would work if it weren’t common practice to line whatever you are buying (water bottle/tupperware) in a thin plastic coating to protect it from tarnish. Yeah, no thanks.

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