That b!tch has a name

I get it. We all get it. #fibroidssuck #endosucks #pcossucksass but as women there are plenty things that we encounter on the daily that suck just as much if not more. Is that reason to lose your home training?

I have a friend that blames her bad attitude on her fibroids and that irks me. Why you ask… Umm maybe because while an illness, there are other sufferers of other things, that aren’t as easy to manage.

Not saying fibroids is easy to manage, but if we do what we know to do, we have a higher chance of having a less painful menstruation. Conversely those that suffer from something like severe asthma, just the act of breathing can be a painful process; and you must breathe to live.

None of it’s easy. But you don’t have to take out your misery on others.

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  1. hate says:

    I have fibroites and there is a pain on the lower part of my body.l have no access to a doctor for the next 4 months.
    What to do please


    1. says:

      ginger & turmeric for the cramps/pain


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