The unspoken rules of engagement

One of the common side effect of fibroids is painful intercourse. When reading a post on and they basically suggest that you do everything but have intercourse to avoid the pain. Massage and other topical options are suggested. I don’t know about you, but THAT AINT GONNA WORK FOR ME.

My fibroids were in such a way that my boyfriend would run into stiff walls of some sort of mass, if he tried to get creative. Basically it was like a maze in there. Dead ends abound. How do I know?

When I went to see one of the many gynecologists (the benefits of not having insurance) towards the end, she was SHOCKED that my boyfriend hadn’t complained about how hard it was to navigate. So  I asked him and he said yes he could feel the fibroids. *cringe* 😢

Needless to say if you are anything like me, fibroids are affecting your sex life and you may not even know it. There are those fibroid sufferers whose symptoms don’t affect their daily lives, and thats great, but there is this unspoken component that can and should be addressed.

Try and talk to your partner about what sex is like for them. They may want to talk about it. You may be surprised by what they have to say. Put your big girl draws on and hear them out.

A real man is not going to care. Because either way they ….

Worst case scenario, the two of you could get creative and try something new, something that works for the both of you.

Let the conversation be motivation to not have them bad boys come back or keep growing. #mylifemyway #fibroids #fibroidfree and loving it.

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