RIP white jeans

BTB is when you have vaginal bleeding in between periods. Anything between 14-35 days from the start of one period to the next is considered normal. ((This is what I’ve been told)) and any bleeding inside of 14 days since the start of your last period is considered breakthrough and abnormal.

I thought all us fibroid girls had #btb or knew about it considering I know lots of us walk around w/tampons at all times and don’t wear white. But I’ve found that there are a few of us out there that didn’t know That felt alone and were suffering in silence. Well girlie, you are not alone.

Even though I have had a myomectomy I still walk around with tampons and pads in my purse and in my car at all times. Extra change of underwear as well. One day I was caught out there and had to run to Target to get something new. To ensure that doesn’t have it happen again… Well you gotta do what you gotta do.

To those who don’t have fibroids, they don’t get it or your level of precaution. Those fibroid free girls know when their period is coming, they can expect it, and can plan for it. Even if us fibroid sufferers had  mensturations that were regular, there can be break through that can strike heavily at any time.

Wedding, baby shower (someone elses), IT DOES NOT CARE.

Thats why there are organizations like The White Dress Project that are trying to create awareness around fibroids. The name of their organization points to the fact that women who are fibroid sufferers don’t wear white for fear of BTB. Pretty clever. 🙂

 They are working on getting uterine fibroids recognized on a national level, so that more research is done and a cure can be found one day. We salute these ladies.

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  1. Blessing Onokurhefe says:

    Want to learn more about fibroid


    1. says:

      thats what the blog is here for. i hope you come back


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